Candy, candy, candy, I can't let you go...
Says they all know her name...

Dream until your dream come true...

Pop quiz, hot shot. Tell me what all the following things have in common...

  1. A shopping mall in England
  2. Corbin Bernsen searching frantically for a lost rock
  3. A highway on-ramp that leads to nowhere
  4. Running into a guy I knew in high school and him acting like we're old friends, even though we were NEVER friends
  5. My dad shopping for rock climbing gear
  6. A military company in full camouflage uniforms
  7. Two-foot-tall Transformers
  8. Mannequin photography

NyquilGive up?

They all played a part in a single dream I had last night. Every last one of those things was found either in or around this fictional mall in England.

Shouldn't this prove the need for a personal "mental health day"?

For bonus points, can you guess what I was thinking the entire time this dream was going on?

 "Oh man, I'm in England! If I don't give Bec and Penelope a call, they're gonna kill me!"

Yeah, I should really go back to sleep. Stupid NyQuil.

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): We're into day three of the Great Lent Sugar Shockdown of 2009 and we've both held strong so far. I've turned away from more candy dishes at work than I can count and I've turned down several offers of sugary treats, too. It is a bit of a relief, honestly.

But the sticking point has been deciding what stuff counts as being "out." We're not cutting out sugar entirely, as I've said. It's in some things like pasta and bread and while we're cutting back and trying some varieties like rice pasta, we're not completely avoiding them. It's the obvious stuff like candy, pastries, ice cream, soda (we're dropping both regular and diet just to eliminate temptation), etc.

However, I need a judgment call on some items. Well, one class of items more specifically... alcohol. Most low-carb diets recommend not drinking beer but do allow for more pure alcohols like vodka and whiskey. But what about wine? It does have yeast in it for the fermentation process, but it's supposed to burn off during processing. Should this be cut out? Help us.