And still the photograph showed signs not wasted...
And in case you've no place to go...

Rockin' around the Christmas tree...

Welcome to Snippet Wednesday: The Christmas Edition! Does this mean all Snippets will be Christmas themed? Well, er, no. Oh well.

I'm not entirely sure where I came across this article. Knowing me, it likely came from Twitter. But, anyway, Wired's Geekdad wrote about the top 10 movie plot holes you probably never noticed before. Pretty interesting. Although I'm not necessarily sure I would agree with #1. As Yoda points out in The Return of the Jedi, "there is another." So clearly he has thought it through contrary to what the author of this article claims.

How many of you are fans of the TV game show Cash Cab? So am I when I actually get to watch it. But, ideally, I now have a better chance of actually participating. How? They're starting a Chicago edition! And, thanks to the fine folks at Chicagoist, I now know what I should be looking for if I want to play. For anyone interested, you'll be looking for a Toyota Sienna that is marked as part of the Yellow Cab fleet. The number on the minivan is 4472TX and the license plate is L53 5925. As a note, if you and I happen to converge on the cab at the same time on the streets of Chicago, I will take you down. Happy holidays!

A judge has denied former Illinois Governor George Ryan's request to be allowed out of prison to be at the bedside of his ailing wife. And, you know what? I totally agree with the judge. I feel bad that his wife is dying, but he chose to make the mistakes that led to him serving time in prison. I'm sorry, but you have to pay the piper. There are plenty of inmates, past and present, that have ailing spouses and other relatives. Should we just let them all out? No. U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer, you're my hero. Thank you for not caving to sentimentality and for sticking to the letter of the law.

Die-HardMy boss asked me to bring in some Christmas-related DVDs to work. Being the movie nut I am, I was more than happy to oblige. What films did I bring in? Let's see... National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Elf, Love Actually, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Grumpy Old Men, and, one of the finest Christmas films ever, Die Hard!  My coworkers thought I was nuts to consider Die Hard a Christmas movie, but it so totally is! I was told that it is only tangentially Christmas because it happened to be set in the holiday season. But it's a very festive flick! As some of my Tweeps pointed out, it's got holiday music, it's main setting is a holiday party in the Nakatomi Towers, it's very family oriented in that John McClain is trying to protect his family from terrorists and reporters, and he even places a very holiday-centric Santa hat on the head of a dead terrorist before sending him off in an elevator. How much more festive can you get?

My blogger/Twitter buddy @amanda234 sent me a copy of her Wintry Mix 2010 CD. Damn, she's got some great taste in music! Katie and I have to work on our mix CDs for a Christmas exchange this weekend, but I'm almost tempted to just steal Amanda's and claim it's mine. Wait... damn! So much for that idea.

Adios peeps. Got the Lillymonster here for a few days and I think she needs to pee.