Gotta get down on Friday...
Perversion of a truth...

All I got is this photograph...

I got this idea from Kevin Spencer for a 100-day recap of my yearlong photo escapade that I have dubbed Insty365, yanno, because the rule is that all the photos have to be processed through the Instagram iPhone app.

Of course, also like him, I'm a bit late. By my quick calculations (31+28+31+10 = 100) so the 100-day recap really should have occured back on April 10. Not that I'm not always late, so why change that now?

So what I'm doing is featuring four photos I really like that I took, one from each month that the 100 days was a part of. Enjoy!

1/4: Light Cycle
This was a really simple shot of a three-dimensional cardboard display at my local theater for TRON: Legacy. I didn't really think much of it when I took the shot, but the filter really made the red background pop and I somehow managed to tilt and crop the photo pretty nicely. Don't expect this to happen often. I don't. Heh.

2/7: Desktop Necessities
I was actually getting pretty desperate for a photo and just thought, "oh why not take a picture of the speaker on my desk at work with the iPod dock connector in the corner?" That's really it. The filter bleached out a majority of the photo giving it this eerily sterile feeling. It also now serves as a tribute to my speakers since they died earlier today. Sniffle. For 11 years, you were damn fine speakers, Cyber Acoustics.

3/15: Stop Burst
I captured this one hazy morning on the way to the gym. I was just really happy with how the light burst due to the moisture in the air and the glare from my windshield.

4/7: Ecalp Niam
There's nothing special about this in terms of filters as I merely applied a black and white one to it. It's a view from behind of a diecut awning near a shopping center in downtown Naperville called Main Place. I just really liked how it turned out.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed checking out these photos as much as I've enjoyed taking and sharing them.

Okay, not totally unrelated.

As stated above, my desktop speakers have died a horrible, buzzy, impedence-filled death. And now I need replacements.

I don't have a lot to spend and would like to keep it well under $50 if at all possible. What recommendations would you make? They can either be standalone speakers like the ones I had or they can be some kind of incorporated iPhone dock/speaker system.

I'm not looking for high-quality audio as this is for work and I'm not really an audiophile. I just need something that will allow me to listen to music while I work. Please let me know.