Perversion of a truth...
Searching in, in an empty room...

They keep on dropping bombs and I keep score...

I hate when fate conspires to make me look like a horse's arse.

For example, yesterday, a friend noted that I'm an iPhone user and he asked what carrier I was with. I told him AT&T.

Att_logoHe was a bit taken aback and asked why I didn't go with Verizon. I told him Verizon didn't have iPhones when I signed up and that, at the time, I didn't feel like waiting to see if Verizon, or anybody else for that matter, would ever get one. Then he asked if I had problems with AT&T and dropped calls. "No more so than any other cell carrier I've been with and I've always been pretty impressed with AT&T's customer service."

I left it at that.

So I'm telling Katie this story during our morning commute and just as I get past the part where I talk about how the dropped calls are no worse with AT&T than anybody else and would you care to guess what happened?

The call dropped.

Go fig, eh?

I was checking out a Tweet from @sarahspain today in which she mentioned that she just purchased her first article of clothing from Seer Apparel and that proceeds go to help the Kyle Korver Foundation.

Kyle Korver is a shooting guard/small forward for the Chicago team that is actually still in the playoffs (Bulls) after beating the Indiana Pacers 4-1 in the first round of the NBA Playoffs (sadly enough, they won their series the same night the Blackhawks lost theirs). Korver is someone I'd never really heard of before this season, but has really been making a name for himself as just one heckuva talented athlete. And now I find out he has a foundation that benefits underprivileged children as well as others in need.

He has also run coat drives while playing with the Philadelphia 76ers and has been part of the NBA's Basketball Without Borders outreach program in Africa, China, Brazil, and India (information from Wikipedia).


Pretty cool stuff in my book.

So I checked out the Seer Apparel site and they've got some pretty cool stuff. I wouldn't mind ordering some. Gotta wait a little bit, though, and get a few other things paid off before I delve in. But this site is definitely bookmarked for when that time comes.

Check it out if you get the chance.