I'll see you on the dark side of the moon...
Get your freak on...

Just sitting and wondering why nothing's happening...

How is it possible that you can do so much over the course of a holiday weekend and yet feel like you've done next to nothing?

Here's a breakdown of the laundry list of things we did over the Memorial Day weekend:

  • Visited Dave and Leah in Chicago (well, I did; Katie wasn't feeling well) and went to the Art Institute, America's Dog, and the LEGO Store
  • Cleaned and used the grill for the first time this year
  • Watched a handful of movies
  • Built a puzzle
  • Attended a cookout hosted by our friends
  • Watched my first MMA/UFC match (me) - I think I could actually like this
  • Went to a girls' night viewing of Bridesmaids (Katie, duh)
  • Did some shopping
  • Baked a strawberry rhubarb pie that would make the finest pie cooks drool
  • And spent a lot of time with each other (that's a good thing, BTW)

Strawberry RhubarbFirst Bath5/28: Diggity DogShrub DomesCompleted Puzzle

However, upon reflection, we felt like we got very little done as it were.

Why is that?

We had so little actual downtime that we were anything but bored, but still so little evidence of completion of, well, anything.

One thing I didn't get done this weekend was any semblance of blogging. I've got nothing for you at all Saturday through Monday. I was doing so good, though.

If I had just made it through Sunday, I would've blogged for two weeks straight.

Considering my current track record, that would've made for quite an accomplishment.

Oh well. Mierda pasa.