Sweet charity...
I'm ready to play...

Me oh my oh me and guy oh...

Welcome to a particularly stormy Snippet Wednesday. Well, it's stormy for this of us here in Chicagoland anyway.

Even though Katie and I are very upset at the fact that the Chicago Bulls are now down three games to one to the Miami Heat, we've been having a little fun watching the games. Seems that despite the fact we are both "adults," we giggle like schoolgirls every time the play-by-play announcers talk about players getting "deep penetration" on the court. Okay, so we're each 30-something years old with the maturity of five year olds. Sue us.

Adele was performing in Chicago yesterday in support of her album, 21. From what Lyn Brehmer said on XRT this morning, it was a really good show during which she was joking around with the audience between songs. And, apparently, the new Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, is a fan. He was there in the audience last night. That's pretty cool. Wish I could've been there.

Sure I wasn't at Adele's show, but, as you know, I did see some good live music last night. Here are the photos from yesterday's Northern Illinois Food Bank benefit concert. It was a lot of fun although not that many people showed up. They should have. It was a lot of fun. Anyway, the square shots were taken with my iPhone and processed via Instagram. The rectangular ones were taken with my Sony D-SLR. Just pointing this out so you know why the difference exists.

If you can't view the slideshow above, check out the gallery on Flickr.

Yes, I bought the new Lady Gaga album. It was 99 cents on Amazon on Monday. How could I say no? Even if it sucks, there has to be 99 cents worth of redeeming value to it, right?

Takei On a closing note, I never realized until recently what a funny guy George Takei is. Yes, that George Takei, the original Mr. Sulu from Star Trek. He's on Twitter and posts some of the coolest stuff I've read. Stuff like:

Facebook's female COO to new grads: Change the fact that "men run the world." I agree. Step 1: Stop playing Farmville.


Math error may have led to Rapture date miscalculation, says church. Sect regrouping, seeking Asian members.


Donald Trump bows out of presidential race, citing inability to prove he wasn't born a douchebag.

I love it immensely and have a newfound respect for the guy.

And when he's not being funny, he's Tweeting his support of gay rights and tolerance. Oh and he is also selling a recording of his voice saying the infamous "Ohhh myyyy" as a ringtone with proceeds going to charity.

How can you go wrong with a guy like him? Just all-around cool.