'Cause it's a rumble in the jungle...
'Cause you asked for it, 'cause you need one...

This too shall pass...

I'm back with a handful of new snippets for your Wednesday reading pleasure. Enjoy!

I think I nearly went into shock when I read the push message on my iPhone from CNN that Steve Jobs had resigned as CEO of Apple Computers. Of course, my shock was shortlived when I read that he is retaining his position as Chairman, though. We all know this means that nothing is really going to change, right? It's like Vladimir Putin resigning as President of Russia but staying on as Prime Minister. We all know who really holds the power, don't we Vlad?

Cms-notc It's amazing the difference two little letters can make. I was scanning through some offerings on Netflix Instant Watch and found what I thought was Battle Los Angeles. I decided to watch and knew within about 20 seconds that it was so not Battle Los Angeles. It was, in fact, Battle of Los Angeles, a self-proclaimed "mockbuster." Both came out in 2011 so you gotta excuse me that. I shut it off after about five minutes. I just can't do it. So, instead I'm torturing myself with Night of the Comet. I clearly hate life, don't I? Well, at least it has The Last Starfighter-era Catherine Mary Stewart. Can't be all bad, can it?

Oh, it probably can.

Speaking of annoying small words... why does my iPhone keep autocorrecting miskeys of "the" to "Tge"? What the hell is "Tge"? Is there a way to crack into my iPhone's autocorrect dictionary and remove "Tge"?

Turns out my earlier assessment of the state of affairs of Borders liquidation sales wasn't entirely accurate. The one in Naperville was practically stripped bare, but the one in Geneva, as Katie and I discovered last night, still had some pretty decent stock. I found a copy of Kerli's album Love is Dead at 50% off $9 as well as OK Go's Of the Blue Colour of the Sky at 40% off $11. Not bad. I guess you just gotta be on the lookout for the deals.

I've been having fun with an iPhone app called Halftone. It basically takes photos and gives them a comic book feel complete with different paper types, frames, text boxes, and onomatopoetic effects and other graphics. It's pretty fun. Here are a couple samples of what I've done.

Clown Vengeance #halftone   Mystery Meat #halftone
[Click on the images to viagra-ize them]

At 99 cents, it was worth it. I may have to try it out with Norman.

Well, time to torture myself with more horrendously bad 80s zombie crap.