We'll steal your money, we'll steal your show...
Before you break my heart...

I have become comfortably numb...

I was out in DeKalb last night for that book signing I mentioned in yesterday's post. I love going to DeKalb since Katie and I spent so much time out there during college and it's also where we met and fell in love. Just a shame she couldn't be with me. She was busy heckling Twilighters. I'll forgive her.

I'm going to use this Snippet Wednesday to discuss some of the things I saw out there. I warn you now that these Snippets are going to be all over the place.

Rise of the Monkeys!Before going to Barnes & Noble, I went to the Target next door. When I checked in, I got a Tweet from @blondefabulous asking if "they have gotten in the adult sized sock monkey feety pajamas yet?" They make adult footie pajamas? In sock monkeys?? I had to look. And they did. And they were glorious. But they were so damn thick I just know I'd sweat the entire night. And for all the wrong reasons. However, if you need a sock monkey fix, they were selling little ones in the stocking stuffer area of the store. Too damn cute.

The author of the book, David Vann, said that his work on this book and the negativity he's received as a result of writing it has made him lose faith in America and her ideals. Granted I don't agree with everything that goes on in this country, that statement kinda unnerved me. I still love America and about the only thing that might make me give up my citizenship would be if Michelle Bachmann were to be elected President. Back on topic, Vann started detailing some of the commonalities he's noticed amongst school shooters -- male, psychiatric treatment, experience in or a predilection with the military, excessive research and admiration for serial killers and mass murderers, love of overly graphic horror movies, Libertarianism... wait, say whaaa? Yup, apparently nearly all school shooters either declared themselves as or had ideals aligned with the Libertarian party. I think this kinda angered the kid at B&N who was their Nook sales rep. He was talking to me afterward and getting really wound up tight about it. To the point where I was actually a bit scared. I kinda patted him on the shoulder and told him everything would be okay... and got the hell away from him.

A girl standing next to me during the author talk and in line for signatures afterwards was a survivor of the NIU school shooting. She was in Cole Hall when Steve Kaczmierczak opened fire. I don't believe she was hit or injured physically in any way. But you could tell that, even four years later, it still affected her emotionally. She came to the event to seek clarification from the author about some of his viewpoints stated in the book. I listened to her and even spoke with her a little bit and I gotta say she was an incredibly impressive young woman. Despite everything that has happened, she has made it a point to keep living her life. She doesn't get upset when people around her don't know what to say to her about the incident (like I did). She is intelligent, well-spoken, incredibly nice, and is using her experience during the shooting and the support efforts afterward to build a career in sociology and criminology. Just when you start to lose faith in humanity and the future, along comes someone like her and you suddenly feel all better inside. I wish I caught her name just to see if she goes on to the greatness I feel she deserves in the future.

When I finally got up there to meet David Vann, I told him who I was (the guy who shot the cover photo) and we got to talking a little bit. During our talk, some Christmas music came over the PA. We both looked at each other, muttered "Christmas music, bah" or something akin, rolled our eyes, and laughed uncomfortably. It's almost as though we both wanted to say something about how Christmas music this early on makes us both crazy and prone to violent outbreaks. Thankfully, we both displayed enough tact to not say anything considering his signing was for a book about school shooters. At least I like to think we both were thinking that. I don't want to be the only one.

Time for lunch. Adios, everyone!