No! This is just a tribute...
Turkey for me, turkey for you...

I hear my name (Steven)...

I've been reading a ton of online stories about Steve Jobs ever since his death a couple months ago. And, despite his bristly attitude and eccentricity and his many well-documented flaws, I still like the guy. 

The sheer amount of coverage of his death and tributes that have rolled in make it clear that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I had heard from people about these political cartoons regarding Steve Jobs but had never seen them myself until they were e-mailed to me today by Katie's parents. 








I love them all. I hope you do, too.

Katie made a pretty interesting declaration last night.

She wants a new career.

And, considering we were watching Covert Affairs at the time, she announced that she wanted to be a spy.

Or a ninja.

Or, best yet, a ninja spy.

I think it would be pretty cool. Of course, my excessive laughter may not have made it obvious that I support her new life plan.