Give it to me now...
I hear my name (Steven)...

No! This is just a tribute...

I know that a couple weeks ago, I said I had "an issue" with the recording industry. Do you really think I have just a single issue with them? That would be way too easy.

A brief Twitter convo with @martymankins today reminded me of yet another peeve I have with the music industry. But, this one kinda goes beyond just music and into just about any sort of industry out there. 

I hate living tributes (as a note, the URL for the Rolling Stone link in Marty's original Tweet had "tribute" in it).

Basically, it's when people perform a "tribute" to someone who is alive. Not that you couldn't figure that one out on your own.

I know most definitions of "tribute" just refer to "a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection" (Merriam-Webster) with no mention of death being a prerequisite, I feel that when synonyms of the word include "eulogy" or "panegyric," both alluding to death, well, you gotta wonder.

I agree with Marty, call it "honors" like the Kennedy Center Honors or some such.

Also, don't name buildings or parks or the like after someone who is still alive. Or, at the very least, just promise you won't name one after me until I've parted ways with this existence. I fear that if I ever see my name on anything, it would just make me think that I'm on the verge of death and I'd consequently expire, possibly before my expected time.

Then? Well, name anything you want after me. I'm sure I've deserved it. 

On behalf of my beloved Chicago Bears, I would just like to offer up my two cents regarding the rumor that the Bears are interested in recently released Denver quarterback Kyle Orton.


I know he's on waivers and there are plenty of teams that rank higher than the number 30 where the Bears sit. But I agree with so many other sports writers that he would be a fantastic back-up option to second stringer Caleb Hanie now that Jay Cutler is injured and may miss the rest of the season.

I have missed Kyle since the Bears traded him to Denver for Cutler and a draft pick who wound up being Johnny Knox. And Cutler has done a number this season to make me a HUGE believer in his skills. I back the man 100% and am glad he is a Bear and am truly saddened that he is undergoing surgery.

In his absence, though, we need to shore up our QB lineup and Orton is a great way to do that. 

I really want to see him donning the ol' 18 again.

Oh damn, that number belongs to Dane Sanzenbacher.

Well, I'll settle with just seeing Kyle in Bears blue and orange again. We'll figure out the uniform number later.