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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoy this edition of Snippet Wednesday.

Lowe_petersonLifetime has premiered the trailer for their new movie Drew Peterson: Untouchable set to air in January starring Rob Lowe as the wife-murdering scumbug (Woah! Better say "alleged" lest I be sued).

Seeing as his whole story unrolled pretty damn close to where I grew up here in suburban Chicago (one town away), I gotta say the story has fascinated me. Peterson is quite the character (read: "douchebag" or, sorry, "alleged douchebag"), to say the very least. And I almost feel compelled to watch this.

But I swear that lines like "I'm untouchable, bitch" make me think this is more a parody than a life story.

The National Transportation Safety Board has announced a grand plan to try to ban cell phone usage of any sort while driving cars. This would include all calls, texting, web surfing, etc. All of which are admirable and I can see the merit. My issue with the proposal is that they want to go so far as to ban hands-free device usage such as bluetooth headsets and bluetooth connections to your car itself (this last bit I'm not entirely positive about as I've heard conflicting reports from different sources and can't seem to find any official confirmation). Yeah, even this is a decent idea given the state of distracted driving in the U.S. but I just don't see it happening. If you're going to ban it outright, then it should apply to EVERYONE. This includes law enforcement, the trucking industry, train engineers... even President Obama's own Secret Service would, by law, no longer be able to communicate with their cool little piggy-tail in-ear devices while sporting the Commander in Chief around. And, if you make an exception for one group, where will the line eventually be drawn? And how do you enforce it? Sure, obvious situations like a person holding a phone up to their ear or having an ear bud dangling out is easy, but what about people with bluetooth connections in their vehicle? Do you pull them over on suspicion of TWD (Talking While Driving) simply because their lips are moving?

Good idea. But good luck on the execution of it.

If you'd like an interesting spin, check this out.

Hey ladies, if your significant other bought you a gift that you thought was too expensive (whether it actually was or not), I know you might initially be upset at what was spent, but you get over it pretty quickly if it's something you really like, right? 

Here's hoping.

Sorry it's a short one. But I gotta head out.