It was an honest mistake...
Today is a birthday...

Take me in tender woman, sighed the snake...

After the mad dash that was fixing my commenting system, awaiting some feedback, and then fixing the fix, I needed a few days off to recover and make sure nobody else seemed to be having any issues. I guess it's staying as is for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and welcome to Snippet Wednesday. Still haven't heard from you all as to whether or not you can convince Bill Kurtis to record an audio welcome. C'mon people! Help me out.

I know this is a couple weeks old now, but the thought that Josh Powell took the lives of his two children in addition to his own just to deprive the grandparents of access to them sickens me. Powell, it's not often I do this, but I hope you're burning in Hell right now.

Yes, Katie and I actually watched the Grammys on Sunday. Well, to be a bit more honest, we TiVo'd it so we would have the ability to fast forward through the crap we didn't care about. First, the performances were decent. Enjoyed the heck out of The Beach Boys with Maroon 5 and Foster the People. Kudos to Adam Levine for keeping the mic at bay and letting The Beach Boys' vocals shine instead of his own. Second, did you notice how when Chris Brown took the stage, he seemed to be desperately avoiding any contact with the fans nearby (most of them female)? Heh heh. Finally, I think the Grammys' response to why they left out Etta James and Don Cornelius from the In Memoriam segment was complete bullshit.

There were tributes to Whitney Houston from presenters throughout the night and they still had her in the segment.

Walking around today at lunch, this was about the only decent graffiti I could find to photograph.

Naper Tagging

Talk about milquetoast. The youth of this town should be ashamed of themselves and their lack of artistry. I see better stuff on random trains that go by my house. Now that's art!

I got the idea for this photo from Kevin Spencer who has, for some time now, been one of my favorite blogger/photographers. I don't think he realizes how many ideas of mine were inspired by his photos. He titled this one "Snake's Eye View" and it simply involves putting your camera at ground level and taking a picture from the point of view of some creature (in his case a snake) much smaller than we humans. So I tried it at an outdoor mall shooting toward the exit and capturing some vending machines on the side.

Snake's Eye (inspired by @kevinspencer/@kevin_spencer)

I like how it turned out. Even the graininess of the photo works for me.

Well, I'm outta here. Talk to you all soon.