She walk the dinosaur...
Burning fire in the sky...

Creatures crawl in search of blood...

Last Tuesday, I started back to the gym. I had only been away for a few weeks (maybe a month), but it felt like an eternity. I needed to restart my Couch-to-5K program again... desperately.

My lower back has been giving me grief. So has my hip. For that entire time that I was away, I knew the only way to really get things working properly again was to go back to the gym. Do some jogging. Use that medieval Precor stretcher. Throw myself on the back extension and stomach crunch machines. Yanno, the basics.

And, despite these problems, I still didn't go. I needed to and I knew this would work. And yet I didn't.

So what made me finally return?

I lost my Foursquare mayorship to some overachieving gym rat and I wanted it back!

Oh, I got it back alright. Last Wednesday. Then, of course, I twisted my ankle and missed out on going this past weekend and lost it again.

I'm one day away and I WILL WIN!

Ohmigod, how sad am I?

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead?

Did you watch this week's episode?

If you answered "no" to either of the above questions, you may want to skip this TUA. Why?

First off, I know some people may have been disappointed by the bulk of this week's episode because it was a bit too drawn out, could've been chopped down, boring, whatever. I don't care. I LOVED IT!

I'm a big fan of the classic Henry Fonda drama 12 Angry Men. I even dug the 1997 remake simply because it had Jack Lemmon in it and he's one of the greatest actors in cinematic history as far as I'm concerned. And the whole debate regarding the fate of Randall just reeked of 12 Angry Men! There were even 12 of them in there deciding what would happen to him. Unless, of course, I counted wrong.

And to see Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) assuming the Juror 8 role made famous by both Lemmon and Fonda, I was just in heaven.

So, yeah, I was pretty pissed to see Dale off'd by that zombie that Carl (Chandler Riggs) wussed out on killing. Stupid kid.

My concern with this episode, though, was the fact that the show has now lost its moral center. With the death of Dale, we lose the one person we could always count on to play devil's advocate regarding actions taken by our little band of zombie hunters. He wasn't afraid to voice his opinion even if nobody else listened.

And now that's gone.

Shows like this need a moral center. A compass of right, as it were.

I point to the loss of the moral center, Adele "Grams" Stackhouse (Lois Smith), on True Blood as the point at which that show went to hell in a handbasket. Another person not afraid to speak her mind despite popular belief. And she made the ridiculousness of the show that much more tolerable. Shows like this need humanity despite the inhuman nature of what's occurring around them.

The show was able to finish season one effectively enough because we had enough of her thought patterns coursing through us. But the show lost its way in season two and I haven't returned to it since.

I really hope The Walking Dead doesn't suffer a similar fate. Glenn (Steven Yuen), is it your turn to step up? Obviously Hershel (Scott Wilson) is no longer willing.