And I will try to fix you...
I can't be perfect...

Told myself that you were right for me...

Since I didn't have enough Snippets yesterday to constitute a Snippet Wednesday, I thought I'd give you all a Snippet Thursday: The Reckoning - TV Edition. Strap yourselves in.

Just to warn you ahead of time...

Katie and I gave up watching Glee about a year ago. The drama was just getting to be a bit too over the top and boring. However, we actually tuned into it this week. Why after a year would we do that? Well, simply put, Matthew Bomer of White Collar was on playing Cooper Anderson, the older brother of Kurt's boyfriend Blain (Darren Criss). It was a fantastic episode that served to highlight Criss' incomparable vocal abilities on songs like Christina Aguilera's "A Fighter" and Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" (duet with Bomer). Hearing Criss again makes me miss the show. But then I remember I'd have to watch those pitiful storylines revolving around Finn and Rachel and Schu and his fiance, et al. Maybe we can TiVo and make good use of the fast forward button.

A few weeks back, I stated how excited I was about the return of Breaking In to FOX. I even went so far as to say that I could forgive them for adding Megan Mullaly to the cast. I take it back. All of it. Mullaly is terrible. Actually, the entire show has gone down the crapper. Christian Slater's character has been relegated to a nothing role. Odette Yustman/Annable has left. And the crew don't actually perform any of the titular break-ins anymore. The show is all about office politics. Good thing it's been pulled from FOX's schedule... again.

Apparently How I Met Your Mother is on a two-year plan for finally getting Ted hooked up with the mother of his children. If you watched this week's episode, you saw that they fast forwarded to 2015 for the once-every-three-year viewing of the original Star Wars trilogy to which Ted brought his recently born daughter. Assuming she's a couple months old and then 9-10 months for the pregnancy, they've cut themselves down to a maximum of two years for Ted to find his wife. Maybe we'll finally get that elusive answer.

Do any of you watch Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23? Is it any good? Katie and I are thinking about trying to find it on Xfinity's On-Demand since we've missed the first couple episodes. Just wondering what you all think of it.

Now that we're wrapping up the traditional network television viewing season, I'm curious what shows, if any, you're planning to give up watching. While we're not sure what to give up yet, Katie and I are going to seriously re-evaluate our TV viewing habits this summer. Just wondering if any of you are planning on doing the same.

Well, adios my friends. Have a good rest of your Thursday.