Dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap...
And, yeah, I really do think...

She's a brickhouse...

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF to another Snippet Wednesday!

Last week, my brother and I started playing LEGO Batman on the Wii per a recommendation from Dave2. We've decided something as a result of that experience... we suck at that game. It has been so long since I've played any of the LEGO: Star Wars that I forgot all about the basic strategy of these games and we were referring to our iPhones for hints. My brother did want to clarify one thing, though, if it's a game that involves "stealing cars, shooting pimps, and beating hos," he's great at it. So I think what they need to focus on next is LEGO: Grand Theft Auto. How cool would that be? Stealing LEGO cars, shooting minifigure pimps, and beating brick hos. Talk about awesomesauce!

There was a report on the news last night that Orbitz was using the information gleaned from users' cookies and system settings to determine how search results were displayed. What this meant was that Orbitz's algorithms were geared in such a way that a potential vacationer who was using a Macintosh computer was steered toward higher-cost or higher-star-rated results because they were profiled as being willing to spend more cash than a Windows user. I was a bit disturbed by this thinking that it meant that we Mac users weren't shown the same prices. Turns out that the prices are all the same regardless of the computer, just the ordering of the search results was different. So if you're actually stupid enough to not reorder your results either by cost or location or whatnot, then it's really your own fault for not paying attention. I almost never look at the first result given on any vacation search site.

I would like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of director, writer, journalist, renaissance woman Nora Ephron who died yesterday at the age of 71. One of my all-time favorite movies is and always will be Sleepless in Seattle and Ephron's films are ones that Katie and I enjoy watching together on a fairly regular basis. You will be missed, Nora.

This morning, Katie complained about waking up kinda cold due to the fan in our bedroom. I asked why she didn't pull the sheets up over her that she had kicked down to the foot of the bed. She said she wanted to and that the baby stopped her from doing it. "I've got two minds inside me right now!" "But which one is in control of the hands that would grab the sheet and pull it over you?" "I don't know! They fight, they fight, they fight, they fight, they fight. Fight-fight-fight, fight-fight-fight." At this point, we both chimed in with "The Katie and Baby Shoooooooooowwwww!" (if you don't watch The Simpsons, please ignore this Snippet).

Speaking of "baby," Katie and I just realized that, as of this coming Saturday, we will have only 10 weeks left until our baby is here. That's our final week in the double digits. Holy cow! When they say that the time flies, they're not kidding. I couldn't even fathom it before witnessing it firsthand.

On that note, time to say goodbye. Have a great rest of your Wednesday!