You know that I won't leave without a fight...
I'll stay the course...

A thousand throats, a thousand lungs...

For those of you guys who have kids, how many of your wife's pre-delivery doctor's appointments and classes did you attend?

Me? I've been making it a point to go to everything I possibly can. The only thing I've missed so far was Katie's very first ultrasound and the only reason that happened was because it was scheduled about two hours before it actually happened. The doctor called it an "emergency" and effectively freaked Katie and I out to the point where I said, "just get up there and get it done! Even if I can't get up there in time." We work about an hour apart and her doctor's office is about 30-45 minutes beyond even that point. I never would've made it in time. She was done and on her way back home by the time I left work (everything was fine, of course).

I digress.

So, since that moment, I've made it a personal quest to be at every baby-related thing I could go to.

This included last night's special class on breastfeeding!

Obviously my "personal quest to be at every baby-related thing I could go to" was just that... personal. Of the nine pregnant women in attendance, only three of them brought their husbands or significant others, including Katie. Actually, up until about the time the class was scheduled to start, I was the only guy there. I suddenly had this overwhelming need to run like heck for the hills thinking that once the class started, it was going to be a bunch of women removing their shirts and actually practicing techniques.

I had no rational reason to think this way other than the fact that I was the only guy there and obviously the other women knew something Katie and I didn't and that's why I wasn't told to stay home and avoid looking the pervy guy who digs on topless pregnant women.

But, as I said, there were (finally) two other guys who showed up. I felt seriously better.

And the class was actually really informative. I'm not going to delve into details, but Katie and I walked out of there with some fantastic tips and information and sample products (for her, not me) for when Kapgar 2.0 arrives.

Oh, and I also have a strong urge to never sip from a Camelbak bottle again.


So not right.

Are any of you still fans of the U.S. version of The Office?

For the longest time, Katie and I loved the show. It was the epitomy of sitcom humor. Great characters, scripting, and directing that made you laugh, cry, and feel highly uncomfortable for its almost spot-on portrayal of office dynamics.

That ended about three seasons ago for me. Everything went downhill. The scripts were terrible. The directing was awkward. The characters I once loved elicited no positive emotion from me whatsoever. In fact, two of my favorite characters on the show, Jim and Pam (John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer) actually became two of my most loathed characters.

Every season, for the past few, I've been trying to quit the show, but stuck with it. There's always something that kept me intrigued or, at the very least, hopeful that it would turn around.

At the end of this past season, I finally figured I would nix the show from our TiVo for good. And then I read this... The Office is being rebooted. Well, sort of. And they've begun recasting with the potential addition of Clark Duke who I most readily recognize from Hot Tub Time Machine (yes, I saw that movie) and a guest spot on an episode of The New Girl. From what I know of him, I could almost see his character as sort of a melding of Toby (Paul Lieberstein), Andy (Ed Helm), and Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) all in one.

to strengthen the reboot rumors, Mindy Kaling (Kelly) is gone to her own new show on FOX, Lieberstein is gone, B.J. Novak (Ryan) is outta here, and Rainn Wilson (Dwight) will leave at midseason for a Schrute Farms spinoff show (that Lieberstein will be working on, too, but behind the scenes).

I've even read that Helm and Krasinski will have reduced roles in the upcoming season, as well.

Wow. If it happens the way it's sounding, it could be kinda interesting to watch. Even if it doesn't get any better, the potential for a complete NBC crash and burn could be fun to see.

Will you watch?