And, yeah, I really do think...
You know that I won't leave without a fight...

All of me is asking, all of me is thinking...

It's been a bit of a bad month for me in terms of my New Year's Resolutions.

First, there are several on which I failed to make even a modicum of progress.

Second, I didn't even get this recap post out there on time. As I recall, today is actually July 2, right?

Oh, this doesn't bode well.

To recap...

1. Meet a neighbor and remember their name beyond that one meeting

2. Read 20 books
Actually, this one isn't too terrible. I finished Eig's Get Capone, both started and finished John Pfeiffer's Dude, Your Gonna Be a Dad!, and am now within reach of the end of Stephenson's Snow Crash (I read about 60% more of the book in the last week or so). So, out of a 20-book goal, I've finished reading a total 10 books with number 11 soon to be complete. This is progress I can actually be proud of. Yay me.

3. Listen to one new band per month
I did pick up on another new band called Tanlines. That review will be coming soon in a Tu(n)esday posting.

4. Finish watching through season 5 of Doctor Who
This one was almost a zero progress jobber this month. But, at the 11th hour, I watched two new episodes from season 3 ("Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood"). They were beautifully done episodes, BTW. The Doctor and Martha travel back to a boarding school/military academy in 1913 to escape "The Family" who need the essence of a Timelord (The Doctor) to keep from dying off. And they'll do anything to get their Timelord. It doesn't sound like it would be "beautiful," but a new aspect to the Doctor's being is explored (his non-human humanity) and a revelation from Martha also becomes known. Plus, it had Thomas Sangster as a guest star. He played Sam in Love, Actually, one of my favorite characters in the film and in these two episodes, as well.

This leaves me with only four more episodes in season 3 and then I have 4 and 5 left to watch. Shouldn't be a problem.

5. Learn how to make homemade pasta

6. Try one new recipe per week
Nope. And by "nope," I mean we actually did not cook anything new the entire month. That's pretty sad for us.

7. Continue my 365 days of photography challenge
Well, insty366 is still going, but I did miss one day. I really don't remember missing it, though. That's the strange thing.

8. Post monthly updates on my progress
Here it is, albeit a day late. Whoops.

If you have to go outside today, stay cool and hydrated. If you're not under heatwave-esque conditions like us here in Illinois, ignore this.