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You want a quickie? Yeah, you heard me... a quickie.

Oh, you sickos! I was talking about Snippet Wednesday!

Katie and I found a book about babies and sleep mentioned in People magazine last week. It was Dr. Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep. Normally I would overlook this sort of thing but the snippets of information in the People article were pretty interesting and I liked his approach, as did Katie. So we started pricing the book. It was freakin' $26.99 in print at Barnes & Noble. I looked on the Nook Store and it was $11.99. Much better, but the sucky part was that we each had our own B&N account and one of us would have to do a one-time "loan" of it to the other and only one of us could have it at a time. This isn't good for a research book that we may refer to repeatedly. So then we checked the Apple iBookstore. $13.99. A couple bucks more than Nook, but, get this, because we share an iTunes (and thus, iBooks) account, the book loaded to each of our iPhones and iPads immediately upon purchase. We each had two copies of it perfectly legal and paid for. Another reason why I hate print books and LOVE my iPad.

Speaking of shared iTunes accounts... what happens when a married couple who have a shared iTunes account get divorced? Does Apple have a caudicil in place that allows them to each have copies in two new accounts or does one person get to keep it all or do they get to split them down the middle? Has that sort of thing caused ripples amongst divorcing music lovers yet? And what about people who are getting married and each had their own accounts prior? Does Apple allow a one-time merging of accounts so you don't have to maintain two iTunes libraries?

See, Scott? I told you I'd post about it.

I gotta thank Chicagoist for linking to this little laughfest... Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters. Basically just "welcome to" graphics for different neighborhoods in Chicago highlighting the worst and, well, the worst aspects of them. Don't you live in Lincoln Square, Nilsa? Or is it Logan Square. Babies or gunshots, which is it? ;-)

I took this really cool #cloudporn shot the other day and posted it to Instagram and Flickr.

7/7: For the Trees #cloudporn

Upon more careful examination, I discovered what looked like a humanoid form standing on top of one of the clouds near the top right of the photo. You can even see it in each of two original unedited photos I took (I took them at nearly the same time just with differing exposure levels)...



Are you religious?

Well, time to get me to 7-Eleven for my free 7/11 7.11 ounce Slurpee! You should, too. Available until 7 p.m. (started at 11 a.m.).