A thousand throats, a thousand lungs...
And if they try to slow you down...

I'll stay the course...

Today was a big day for Kapgar 2.0, aka "Chewie."

We started the day with our third, and hopefully final, ultrasound of the pregnancy.

Katie decided to ask both our moms, or what will soon be Chewie's grandmas, to be there for the ultrasound and I think both were pretty excited to "meet" him/her for the first time.

After that ultrasound and lunch with the grandmas, we went to a normal appointment with Katie's docs. All is great with the pregnancy so far and now two of her doctors are predicting that Chewie is a boy. No, neither of them are aware of how the ultrasound turned out in terms of gender.

To close out the night, we attended our first baby class (the one last week was a breast feeding class, this is the general class). Very, very informative. And, thankfully, only one woman in this class didn't have a significant other with her. I don't think she has one in her life, to be honest. I felt bad for her.

Did any of you get a chance to watch The Walking Dead full series marathon over the weekend? Nah, me neither. I've watched it already and didn't feel like spending a whole day watching it or filling up a hard drive saving it for later.

I did, however, record and watch the special edition of the debut episode "Days Gone Bye" that was presented in black and white as an homage to the comic book.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.