I wanna get away...
Got my chips cashed in...

Now you've gone too far...

Welcome to another Kapgar Tu(n)esday music review!

Today, I'm tackling one of my New Years Resolution reviews. This month, my "new band" review is of the band DIIV and their debut album Oshin

Before you start wondering aloud too much, the band's name is pronounced "dive," as in rhymes with "five." Or, in the spirit of the Summer Olympic Games in which we're currently enmeshed, as in synchronized high dive. Sadly, it's not a really bad attempt at Roman numerals (503?). I guess they actually used to call themselves "Dive" but changed it when they thought they might be infringing on someone else's band name.

I became acquainted with DIIV via... anybody? anybody?... Sirius/XM-U. Original discovery method for me, eh? So far, the station has only played the song "Doused" and I really enjoyed the somewhat ethereal guitar rock quality to it. When I saw the CD for sale at the Pitchfork Music Festival, I picked it up.

The rest of the album does not disappoint. From the opening instrumental "(Druun)" to the album closer "Home," we are treated to some pretty solid yet dreamy, surf rock-inspired musicianship akin to bands like Best Coast and Wavves.

I think the most accessible song is "Doused," without question. But that's not to say that songs like "Air Conditioning" and "How Long Have You..." aren't equally enjoyable.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Listen to a full stream of the album below.