Singing out loud like continuous thunder...
I wanna get away...

We don't need water...

Welcome to a photo-rific Snippet Wednesday!

For about a month now, Katie and I have been eyeing these big ol' construction signs near our house that simply read "BUMP." The reason? We wanted to get a picture of Katie standing next to one with her baby bump proudly displayed. We finally did it over the weekend.

Baby BUMP #constructionseason

Best. Baby. Bump. Photo. Ever.

This past weekend, Katie had her second baby shower hosted by my mom, our sister-in-law, and a family friend. For it, Katie's mom brought a fruit bowl carved out of a watermelon rind loaded with all the stuff that Katie and the baby have been craving. And, in the middle of it all, was a canteloupe baby complete with cherry eyes and a (real) pacifier.

Fruit Baby

I know some people on Twitter and Facebook have said it's a little freaky, but I think it's pretty damn cute. Reminds me of a Muppet take on a human baby. Heck, if this was honeydew instead of canteloupe, it could totally pass as a baby Dr. Bunson Honeydew! Awesome! Just need a fruit Beaker now.

On the way back from our third baby class up in Woodstock, Katie and I noticed a huge plume of smoke and flame about a mile off the main road. Like any good photographer, we chased it down! Turns out a barn and silo on a farm had gone up in flames and it was really quick work, too, as there were no first responders on scene at all other than passersby like us. Yeah, I got some pics. Go fig, right?

Barn Fire 1   Barn Fire 2
Barn Fire 3 #hothothot


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