I like the way you make me stay up late...
Roll over and die tonight...

What's your name, little girl...

I went out today at lunch and looked at the thermometer inside my Sonata. It read a mere 91°. Wow! Guess we'd better turn the heat on at home. It's getting chilly out!

I speak relatively, of course.

On to some Snippets.

As an Eagle Scout myself, I'm ashamed of the fact that the Boy Scouts of America have reaffirmed their ban on gays in Scouting either as Scouts or as pack/den/troop leaders. For shame.

Yay! The solo girl at our baby class had a partner this week! It was her mom, but at least she has a support group in place. Phew! I was worried there for a second.

Joe Paterno's family wants to salvage his legacy in light of the Freeh report finding that Paterno and three other Penn State officials covered up the sexual proclivities of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. So they're starting their own investigation. Hey Paternos, you wanna know how you can fix all this? Hire Doctor Emmitt Brown of Hill Valley, California, to escort you back to the 1970s so that you can convince your JoePa to turn that sick fuck over to the authorities. Or, better yet, just off him entirely (Sandusky, not Paterno) and save all those kids the hell that they grew up knowing. There you go. Almost as simple and certainly more effective than what you're proposing.

Do any of you have Bluetooth in your cars or some other system that gives audio prompts such as Siri? Do you take pleasure in those moments when the system completely obliterates some word that it's trying to pronounce? This cracks me up to no end. And the words that Ms. Bluetooth (as I've come to call the mysterious female voice in my Sonata) butchers are so odd. She can perfectly pronounce my last name (/AP-gahr/), but she'll kill "pizza" (/PIH-zahh/). There are so many other examples. What cool ones have you heard?

Can I just say how stoked I am for a prequel to Monsters, Inc. and the potential for a sequel to The Incredibles?? They would be so cool.

Have a good night, folks. Stay classy, Blogosphere! Oh what the hell am I talking about? It's the Blogosphere.