All of me is asking, all of me is thinking...
A thousand throats, a thousand lungs...

You know that I won't leave without a fight...

It's Tu(n)esday, folks!

I have become quite the aficionado of electronic music. By that term, I don't just mean stuff like The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk with its high-octane, keyboard and bass-driven music. I'm talking bands like Neon Indian and M83 that actually craft a wide range of sounds using electronic sources and, in some cases, mash those electronic sounds with traditional instrumentation giving it a much richer overall sound.

Given this love, the debut album Mixed Emotions by Tanlines is destined to be put into constant rotation on my iPhone.


Tanlines is comprised of Brooklyn-based musicians Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm who formed the band in 2008 after working together as co-producers for one of Cohen's previous bands. I'm not going into it too much. If you so desire, check out their history on Wikipedia.

I came to know Tanlines from the single "All of Me," which remains my favorite song on the album no matter how many times I hear it. After picking up the whole album (a deluxe version including the bonus track "Laughing" is available on Amazon's MP3 Store currently priced at $5 while iTunes is also offering their own deluxe version), I began to hear "Brothers" (embedded below courtesy of Soundcloud) coming through on Sirius/XMU. But this album is so much more than its first couple radio friendly singles.

Their sound, at least by my estimation, reminds me very much of the instrumentation of James Murphy's late LCD Soundsystem mixed with the occasionally hypnotic vocals of Neon Indian. And then you get the occasional curveball like "Yes Way" with its world music-inspired sound which is highly reminiscent of Vampire Weekend.

Other great singles include "Lost Somewhere" and "Not the Same."

It's safe to say that this album has a little bit of everything. Give it a shot.