Got my chips cashed in...
You didn't have to stoop so low...

And you won't attract the worm...

Howsabout a bunch of little snippets today to make up for the fact that I posted my New Years Resolution recap yesterday instead of my regular Snippet Wednesday?

Yeah! A bunch of Quickets!

No, that's not a joke against people with speech impediments. I swear. Quick + Snippets = Quickets. Get it? Please no lawsuits.


I'm totally moving to Sweden! Well, not really. But it sounds like a great place to be a dad!


I know the Twitter exchange between pop star Justin Bieber and Olympic swimming gold medalist Missy Franklin is probably old news to most of you, but I still love that he did that. Not that I'm a fan of his. I've still never heard a single one of his songs. But Missy loves him, so that makes the thrill of it all way cool.


We tried playing some music for Chewie the other night through headphones against Katie's belly. Of the half dozen or so songs we played, the only ones that the Chew really reacted to were the new No Doubt single "Settle Down" and the uberpopular Carly Rae Jepsen song "Call Me Maybe." I guess it's a testament to the popularity of the latter the variety of people I've seen enjoying it. Not just teeny bopper girls, as you might expect. I saw a guy driving a big rig the other day with the window open and that song blasting out over the speakers. He was definitely enjoying it.


Speaking of Chewie, I suddenly realized that I forgot to post the results of the Chewbacca onesie for kapgar 2.0. With eight out of the overall 22 votes, the winner is "Baby Chewie Says 'Aaaugh!'" Woo! I liked that one a lot. The problem is that Red Bubble, who was selling that onesie, no longer has it available! Adult Kapgar Says 'AAAUGH!!!'


Katie and I had our final baby class this past Tuesday. On the way into class, we were joking around about which of our classmates we thought might not be there because they had gone into labor. We had ideas which ones it might be. Imagine our surprise when it turned out that the girl who had no partner for the class the first week wound up being the one who delivered over the weekend. Three weeks early. And she brought the baby to our class (it was carseat day). Welcome to the world, Jackson.


Speaking of names, with only about six weeks left to go, Katie and I are still no closer to finalizing any selections in terms of boys names. We still love the two girls names we have, but cannot, for the life of us, decide on boys names. We come up with new ones, fall in love with them over a few days time, find something we hate about them, and even more quickly fall out of love with them. Oy!


On the topic of babies, here's a tweet of mine from last night.

Yes, I actually said this to Katie after feeling the baby move from one side of her belly to the other with my arm resting above. I thought kicks were strange. Yikes! Walk without rhythm and you won't attract the baby.


To close out on a non-baby Quicket, I was watching the episode of Doctor Who last night titled "Blink." Have you seen it? Oh you should. Great episode! "Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. Good luck." I can never look at statues the same way again.

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No weeping angels for me, thank you very much.