I've got a question for you...
In silent lucidity...

I started out so starry eyed...

When I was a teenager here in the far western suburbs of Chicago, we had a place called Phar-Mor. This store was supposed to be just a pharmacy, but like so many pharmacies today, they carried a lot more. They were basically a small-scale WalMart or Target.

What I liked most was that Phar-Mor was one of the first places I'd ever heard of that allowed you to open "new" CDs so you could listen to them in store before deciding if you wanted to buy it. In fact, they just had all the CDs open by default. You grabbed what you wanted, popped the CD out of the case, and placed it in one of the many listening stations in the department.

I'm sure it was a nightmare of an arrangement for their security team, but I loved it and I discovered many a new band because of Phar-Mor. Some of the bands I may never have discovered had it not been for Phar-Mor include Concrete Blonde, Sugarcubes, Depeche Mode... the list goes on.

BobMouldOne of my favorite discoveries there, however, was a band called Sugar fronted by the former lead singer/guitarist of Hüsker Dü, Bob Mould (@bobmouldmusic on Twitter). I was just flipping through the racks when I found Copper Blue. I'd never heard of Sugar, none of the song titles looked familiar to me, but I loved the album art for whatever reason so I checked it out.

I forgot about Sugar when I went to college but was reintroduced to them when my buddy Eric loaned me some Hüsker Dü. From there, I rediscovered my love of the guy's music both through Sugar and his solo albums and I've been a fan ever since.

In his autobiography See a Little Light, Mould said that he'd moved on from guitar rock. He was really digging the electronic music he'd spent the last several years crafting. While disappointed because the guy can truly rock out on a six string, I was cool with that decision because his electronic music is equally awesome.

Imagine my surprise when, a couple weeks ago, I read on Stereogum that Bob has a new single called "The Descent" that was being released ahead of the September 4 drop date for Silver Age and they went on to say, "Who knew the recent Sugar reissues were just leading up to Bob Mould totally reclaiming his former glory and ripping it up FU:EL style [kapgar note: FU:EL is Sugar's album File Under Easy Listening] again? Who even thought that was possible?"

OH HAPPY FREAKIN' DAY!!! (and happy freakin' Tu(n)esday, too)

I immediately downloaded the single and have played it a couple dozen times since.

Bob, thank you! From the bottom of my music-loving heart, thank you.

I sincerely cannot wait until the album is here. Officially the album I'm most anticipating hearing this year.

Oh, and how do I get my copy of See a Little Light signed?

Wanna hear it for yourself? Listen to the embeds below from SoundCloud and YouTube.