What's new, pussycat...
Hey jealousy...

I'm'a lock u down...

Today is a very sad day in the kapgar household. One from which we may never fully recover.

We lost a friend. A good friend. One that has been with us for several years now and has helped pick us up when we were feeling low. Entertained us. Made us laugh, cry, scream, and think.

R.I.P. DVD player, stereo, Nintendo Wii, and about half of our DVD collection. I put a child-safety lock on the front of our entertainment center in preparation for when we have a kid and also so that we're good when certain nieces visit.

The problem arises in that now that our entertainment center is "childproofed," the likelihood is that I'll never be able to open it again. I had enough trouble getting the stupid thing on there. Trying to re-open it? I don't think it's happening.


Maybe once our kiddo is old enough, I can have him/her teach me how to break into it.

If I ever have to hear that godforsaken Nissan commercial that uses "Summer Lovin'" from Grease again, so help me...

I really wish advertisers would stop using ALL popular music in their commercials. All it takes is one misstep like this and I'm turned off enough that I won't even consider a product.

Yes, that's all it takes with me is a negative mental association such as this and I'm done.

Use some creativity and write and produce your own damn music. Stop taking existing music from real artists. Dear sweet God, please.