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I was pretty stoked last night to get an email from iTunes letting me know that a preorder was available for the forthcoming Mumford & Sons album Babel. I loved their debut album Sigh No More and was really looking forward to the follow up. Until I saw that the 15-track album was going for $14.99. I haven't paid $15 for an album since the CD days when I used to get a physical disc and a long box that I could cut up and stick on the wall in my room! Since the advent of digital copies, I've never paid more than $9.99 for any album (some have been priced higher, but I haven't paid it yet)! I think I may be holding off on Babel for a bit. Besides, Bob Mould's new album Silver Age is coming out around the same time and it's far more conventionally priced.

Congratulations to Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler and his fiance Kristin Cavallieri on the birth of their son Camden Jack this morning. Hey Jay! Our kid is due to be born in another month. If you're looking for a playdate for Cam, let us know. Just sayin'. We knows our Bears football!

After years of being a Netflix user and swearing that there was no way we could go with less than a three-DVD plan, we cut it back to two DVDs last year. Earlier this week, upon discovering that our library had basically all the DVDs in our queue available, I dumped it to one disc. And, later today, since our queue is at two movies and both will be sent to us in short order, I think I may dump the DVD plan entirely. It wouldn't go into effect until September 2 anyway, so I may as well queue up the change, right? A streaming-only plan seems like the way to go since our library has so much. And what they don't have, we can probably get from RedBox. We'll be saving about $12 per month. Woo!

Ah, the times they are a'changin'!

If the rumors are true and the new iPhone has a smaller dock connection than all previous iDevices thus turning all your external dock-connected devices and chargers into relics, are you going to make the jump or wait a while? What new features would an iPhone need to have to make you be willing to say sayonara to all your existing equipment?

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