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I've been told that my blog needs another baby update. Something about how the announcement, that's all of three days old, has become a bit of a "been there, done that" post.

Geez, not like I'm in a hospital with a newborn and a wife who is still in recovery of sorts. But I'm nothing if not a blog junkie and a man of the people, so here's an update on the Nathan front...

Nathan Paul was born on 7:59 p.m. this past Wednesday. This was after nearly 30 hours of labor on Katie's part. Of course, you have to take into consideration that almost 18 hours of that was Katie feeling contractions while at home. The other 12 were in the hospital.

When we first got to the hospital, Katie was already dilated to 4cm. This is great news, typically, as the first 2-3cm of dilation tend to be the slowest. After that threshold period, it is usually pretty quick going to the 10cm point at which moms can start pushing in order to deliver.

A few hours later, Katie hit the 7cm mark and got to 8 and 9cm within a few hours after that. And there she stuck. For three hours, she really only progressed another half a centimeter and that was because the doctor was feeling charitable.

Drugged SerenityAt this point, the doctor told us we could wait for another hour and see if Katie hit the 10cm mark or not or we could just get a Caesarean section (C-section) and just be done with it. Katie, in her extreme, lack-of-sleep-induced exhaustion, opted for the C-section. She didn't debate it, she didn't doubt herself, she didn't cry about it, she pulled a Nike and just did it.

We announced the decision to our parents and, although they were concerned, they were cool with the choice. They left to go get dinner and give us some time to get all this done.

We headed to the operating room together and I waited for about 10 minutes while everything was prepared for surgery. Then I went in and waited "above the curtain" to provide support for Katie.

Five minutes later, our son was here.

The kiddo and I were taken from the operating room to the nursery where they cleaned him up and I got the vitals and a few pictures and MMSd them out to family and friends as well as posting the details to Twitter and Facebook (and later Google+ as well... I always forget G+).

UntitledAbout 10 to 15 minutes later, Katie met the kiddo and we decided on the name Nathan Paul.

The first name comes from the Olympic mens's swimmer Nathan Adrian. We were watching some of the matches and saw him swim (and win gold) and further debating boy's names and we both turned to each other and said "how about Nathan?" We let that one stew for a few weeks and nothing made us start to dislike it at all. So it became our forefront name.

The middle name comes from Katie's dad as well as being the middle name of my friend Mike who, as I said in my previous post, died 19 years ago on the day Nathan was born. Seemed very appropriate, don't you think?

Katie is recovering nicely from the C-section although we are still in the hospital. There is a chance that we may check out later today, but nothing is set in stone yet. Our insurance authorized us to stay until tomorrow and we may if Katie starts to feel funky. Better safe than sorry. But we are both getting a little stir crazy. I'm seriously about to run out of clean underwear.

In case you are interested, I did see some of Katie's C-section. I did look over the curtain when Nathan was taken out and kept watching. Surgery and the human body fascinate me and having this opportunity to see it first hand was something I couldn't pass up. So I looked. And it was just as fascinating as I expected it to be. Blood has never bothered me at all. Plus it took my mind off the fact that it was Katie under the knife. That part bothered me. A lot.

Anyway, enough details. How about some pictures of Nathan? And, yes, you can call him Nate. That's half the fun of the name.

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