For giving me the best days of my life...
Games without frontiers...

I'll take what's real...

At 7:59 p.m. on Wednesday, Nathan will be a week old.

At 7:59 p.m. On Wednesday, Katie and I will have been parents for a week.

<Parents. What a strange concept for us. We've been married just short of 11 years and got to the point where we weren't sure this would ever happen for us.

Now, even though it is a reality, it still doesn't seem, well, real.

I look at Nathan and think that he couldn't possibly be ours.

I keep waiting for the real parents to knock on our door and thank us for babysitting as they take Nathan back and head home.

Even worse, I fear I'm going to wake up and it will all prove to have been some fantastically wonderful dream that has run its course.

I hope this doesn't make me a terrible person.