What it was like before...
I'm on my way-ee-yay-ay...

They took the copper right out of the penny...

We had another doctor's appointment today and, despite having our bags packed due to an overabundance of "feeling" that we were going to be told to head directly to the hospital without passing "Go," there was no effacing or dilating to note. I know we're still kinda early (38.5 weeks), but we just had this feeling it was going to happen. Wish I could explain why.

Anyway, on to some other tiny bundles in the form of Snippet Wednesday!

Are any of you watching Copper on BBC-America? I allowed the TiVo to collect three episodes before starting to watch it and I'm currently on episode two. I'm on the fence about it. It's not bad, but I'm not sold that it's enough to keep me watching. I'll keep going for now. The BBC has such a reputation for fantastic programming that I cannot fathom them doing wrong, but we'll see.

My only real complaint is that apparently there is no HD version of BBC-A. At least not on my Comcast channel guide. Wh-wh-why?? That a channel like BBC-A does not come in HD is beyond comprehension. This must be remedied.

While walking around the downtown area near where I work, my attention was suddenly drawn to a crashing sound. I looked and saw a giant Suburban had run up and over a curb into someone's front lawn and went right over the top of some recycling bins. The bins survived. Very nicely, in fact. But the woman driving seemed a bit confused. She finally figured out how to back off the lawn and return to the street.

The back tailgate of her Suburban was covered in those insipid oval-shaped 26.2, 70.7, 1 billionty distance running stickers (the stickers were cool at one point; now the damn things are everywhere). My thought as I saw all this? "Woman, you may be able to run, but you sure as shit can't drive." 

Wish me luck 'cause I'm doing it! The book I currently have loaded in my iPad is the first in The Game of Thrones series. All 870-ish pages of it. I figure I'm far enough through my 20-book reading goal that I can risk falling behind by reading a huge frakkin' book.

If I'm not done in four months, send in a search party. 

I saw an interesting snippet (Ha! See how that came full circle?) on The Today Show this morning about a partnership between the National Football League and the U.S. Army. At first, seeing that those two rather disparate groups are working together might seem quite odd. Then I heard that they were working together to "care for and prevent" traumatic brain injuries. Hmmm... that works. And if there are any two groups accustomed to the perils of traumatic brain injuries, it's those two.

I hope their study yields solid results. 

I know most people out there use Wordpress for their blogs. A few, like me, use Typepad. Some are still using Blogger. And there are a few inventive folks using Movable Type. But has anyone created a personal blog using Drupal? If you are one, what say you? I've been noodling around with the platform a tiny bit here and there with existing sites but have yet to actually set up a new or redesigned site using it. Would a blog be a good place to start?