I'm a walking disaster, I'm a demolition man...
Heroes in a half shell...

I wanna be anarchy...

I do not watch the show Sons of Anarchy.

I have had literally dozens of people tell me that I need to and that I'm missing out and all that jazz and, yet, I still do not watch it.

Not that I have anything against it. When it started airing, I felt like I was watching too many TV shows and never picked up on it. Now, it seems like it's too late to try to get involved in the show because it's been on too long for me to even try to catch up.

I do watch the show Justified.

I started watching it because it starred Timothy Olyphant and that dude is just plain awesome in anything he does. I don't care if it's a western TV series about fighting against bad guys to preserve the sanctity of a frontier town or a feature film with him in a burgeoning romance with Jennifer Garner while they both mourn the loss of her fiancee/his best friend.

GogginsHowever, despite this obvious man crush, I have become an even bigger fan of the show because of the character Boyd Crowder, played to sheer perfection by Walton Goggins.

The man can act up a storm and has taken a rough-and-tumble backwater outlaw and given him an odd sense of humanity despite his ability to "flip the switch" and go completely crazy if necessary.

Today, my officemate, who is a fan of both Justified and Sons of Anarchy, informed me that Goggins had made an appearance on this week's episode of SoA and it was one that would completely blow my mind...


I... um... wha... woah...

The character's name is Venus Van Dam and, I'm told, Goggin's acting completely ruled the episode.

Color me oddly curious... I'm actually considering catching up on SoA just so I can see this episode in context.

For more information about Goggin's transgendered spin, check out this fansite collection of interview material on the appearance.