When people run in circles...
We all shine on...

I will be your father figure...

We received a postcard in the mail yesterday from a local realtor advertising a recent sale they made in our neighborhood. The idea, I gather, is to show that they can actually make sales in our subdivision and that we should use them if we decide to sell our place.

The neighbor whose house they sold? Carol. It turns out Carol only lived here a month before she died last week. And here they were bragging about their ability to close the deal with our now-deceased neighbor.

Guess that house is back on the market, eh?

We are geeks.

We are dads.

And to prove it, we started a geek dad blog that we're calling Paternerdicus. Get it? Pater = father, nerd = nerd (duh), and icus just makes it sound cool.

So check out my friend Marc and I over at paternerdic.us and follow us on Twitter at @paternerdicus.