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And I seen the war...

Tell everybody, waitin' for Superman...

Snippet Wednesday... I am in you.

Wow, so in a matter of two weeks, Lance Armstrong has gone from vehemently fighting against doping charges levelled against him to giving up the fight, having his Tour de France wins stripped from him, stepping down as chair of the Livestrong Foundation, and losing his endorsements from Nike and Radio Shack. Ouch. Me thinks Lance should just disappear for a handful of years before showing up in the limelight again. It's going to be his only chance to shed this negative light currently being cast upon him.

My coworker was wondering how long it would be before the U.S. Postal Service dumps him as well. Honestly, having someone renowned for doping might be good for their image. "WE WILL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE SURE YOUR MAIL IS DELIVERED ON TIME!!!"

With this outcry against Flamin' Hot Cheetos ("They have no nutritional value!" "They're taking the place of proper lunches!" "They result in germ sharing!" "They result in red fingerprints that are making life difficult for janitors!" <-- those aren't real quotes, BTW), you know it's just a matter of time before Chester Cheetah himself is added to the terrorist watch list.

[Chester Cheetah art courtesy of Sean Tiffany Art & Illustration]

Geez, everywhere you look, The Walking Dead are upon us. 

Wait, before you go grab your bug-out bag and head for the hills, I mean that material related to the show and comic series are all over the place. There are now 103 issues of the comic book, two novels with a third in the works, action figures, pseudo-pillow pals, posters, T-shirts, Halloween costumes, you name it! One of the most popular characters, Michonne, who was just introduced in the show at the tail end of last season, now has her own spinoff comic series that premiered today.

I love it. I'm a total TWD junkie. For the rest of you who aren't fans, I guess, if nothing else, at least it seems you're being spared from the curse of sparkly vampires.

A couple weeks ago, upon a Tweet I saw from Wil Wheaton, I downloaded the Untappd app from the iOS App Store. It's a social media app that allows you check in to beers, pubs, and breweries and review, photograph, track, and earn badges. 

Sure, it's cool to have this available because it will also tell you about beers that are similar to ones you've tried. But I can easily see this promoting alcoholism as well. I've had more beer in the past three weeks than in the six months prior to loading this app. Honestly, that's not saying much. I don't drink too much beer, but it could cause problems for drinkers who have a competitive streak in them.

If you do nab the app, find me on there ("kapgar") and we can be beer buddies. Oh, and it's also available on Android.

Don't forget to check out the new blog that my buddy Marc and I started for nerd dads. I've written up six posts in the last couple weeks as it seems a great place to let my nerd flag fly (not that this blog doesn't allow me that right as well).

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