Macro Monday 2014.21...


The great thing about iPhoneography (iPhone + photography) is that, initially, the amount of gear you carry around on a daily basis becomes much less than if you are a D-SLR fan with all your lenses and memory cards and readers and cleaners and tripods and filters and shades and flashes and god-only-knows what else.

But you'll also note the use of the word "initially" in that opening paragraph. That's very key to this post.

Why? Because just like any D-SLR user, you will find yourself branching from use of just the phone by itself and collecting peripherals for your iPhone (Android, Windows, etc.). They have lenses and cleaners and tripods and filters and god-only-knows what else... just smaller.

The trick then becomes how to easily tote all these peripherals around and not lose them. At the smaller size, they do become much more prone to loss.

I have been struggling with this since becoming an iPhoneographer. I've already lost a lens and I'm still not happy about it. Plus I forget things that I'll wish I had because it would've made my shot "that much better."

After doing things like keeping them in my car or in a designated pocket of my messenger bag or backpack, I think I've found a solution.

Remember Oakley sunglasses? I don't mean to say that as though Oakley is dead. It's not. But it should be. I think most of them look kinda douchey anymore. But I did own a couple pairs "back when." And I had a couple of those overpriced Ballistic zipper cases that they sold.

Those cases have been collecting dust for years as I've been hesitant to just throw away a $50 case even if it won't fit my newer sunglasses.

Enter iPhoneography. And a new life for Oakley Ballistic cases.

In this Ballistic case, I have a Gorillapod Mobile tripod...

...a lens cloth, a pen, a Photojojo macro/wide-angle combo lens (the black disk is the lens cover), and old Apple iPhone earbuds.

Why the earbuds for photography? I learned from Photojojo's mobile photo lens club that, when plugged into your phone, the volume up button on the earbuds will trigger the shutter on the camera. Combine that with a tripod and you've got a pretty steady shot. Especially for macro nuts like myself. Sure, it's not a wireless remote, but it works on the cheap.

This is my solution. And it's been working great since I cobbled it together prior to this vacation we're now on.

What ideas have you come up with?

Disclaimer: No, this post is not paid for or reimbursed in any way by Apple, Oakley, Photojojo, Gorillapod, or even Pilot Pens, for that matter. Although, I wouldn't mind if it was and if any of the companies mentioned would like to throw some products or ideas my way, let me know. I'm open to a discussion.