Kevin's 7: Comics...


Nathan is officially obsessed, and Dremworks is to blame.

His obsession? The movie Trolls along with all the music, books, and toys.

We went to see it in theaters today, it was the second time for Katie, but the third for Nathan and I. This viewing, however, was the first time seeing it since we introduced him to the soundtrack.

After seeing it the second time, we found the album on Spotify and played it on the way home. He has now heard it enough that he knows the songs and what scenes they represent in the movie as well as about 50% of the words. In fact, the most popular question asked of our Amazon Echo is, "Alexa, please play 'Get Back Up Again'."

He has four of the blind bag troll figurines, eight of the McDonald's Happy Meal pencil topper heads (he never got Poppy, though, so if you know someone...), and the Little Golden Book adaptation of the script.

Today, he actually got up at the end of the movie and danced in the aisle. Two songs worth of dancing to Justin Timberlake's "September" and Gwen Stefani's "What U Working a With?"

It's cute. Ridiculously cute. I wish I had video of it to share. Sorry.