Macro Monday 2017.07...


Either whiffing glue is back in fashion or they've discovered a way to make meth using Elmer's glue because I'll be damned if I can find it anywhere these days. 

Nathan decided he wanted to make some of his slime this afternoon. We broke out the ingredients that we keep in hand to make it only to discover the glue we got at the dollar store is crap.

Off I went. First to Walmart. Then Target. Then Walgreens. Then Meijer. Finally Joann Fabrics. None of them had it in stock. All had spots on the shelves or cardboard display skids out. But no glue. 

What the heck??

Is there something I don't know about hidden uses for glue? Is it a renowned black market item? Elmer's Silk Road? Is it only produced in one of Trump's seven least favored nations?


Whatever the case, this stuff is clearly gold.