TBT: Red...


It's funny, but for all the trouble I had with reading last year, when I don't set a goal for myself to read (outside of Goodreads, that is), I do well. 

I've read three books and two graphic novels just in January. That's pretty incredible, IMHO. 

But now I'm about to embark on one of my most ambitious reading ventures ever. 


I love the U.S. Civil War and I was always fascinated by its icons such as Ulysses S. Grant. And I've always heard such good things about this book. It's exhaustive. It's honest. It's written in a far more modern voice than it ever should have been. And it's considered the benchmark to which any other presidential memoir should hope to reach. 

I call it "ambitious" because it's 89 issues worth of reading. Serial Reader likes to break down books into digestible "issues" that can typically be read in about 15-20 minutes.

So we're talking about 33 hours of reading here if I aim for the 20-minute outer limit.

If I only read one issue a day, per the subscription system, I will finish this on April 30. 

The book itself is 702 pages. Honestly I thought it was more. A lot more. But that's still longer than any non-fiction book I've ever read and up there with Herbert's Dune and a few hundred shy of any of Martin's Ice and Fire series. 

Wish me luck.