TBT: Katie...


As the father of a young son (I have told you all about him, right?), I have been introduced to a lot more children's television programming than since the time when I was my father's own young son. And my how things have changed.

Programming is no longer relegated to just PBS and Saturday mornings on the big networks. We have Nick Jr., PBS, Sprout, Cartoon Network, Disney, Disney Jr., Disney XD, Disney Partridge in a Pear Tree. Okay, maybe not that last one. And programming, at least in most cases, tries to have a more educational lean. It's not always blatant, but they try to have lessons either ethical, moral, or educational rolled in there.

But what I hate is when a show purports to be educational but defies logical or scientific constructs while doing so.

There's a new episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines that has been advertised to ridiculous levels on Nick Jr. lately. In it, all the lights in town are stolen and nobody can see. It's up to Blaze and his fellow Monster Machines to solve the problem.


So a local mechanic plugs in a special glowing battery and suddenly all these opaque surfaces on the trucks -- body, rims, spoiler, etc. -- light up as though they were filled with neon from the get-go. Um, they're trucks. Sure their headlights are technically their eyes, but why not work at igniting those first? Or since Blaze has a rollcage with what amounts to K.C. Dayliters on it, why not light them? Why violate all laws of logic doing something stupid when the most logical solution is also the easiest!

Yes, I know, they're talking cartoon trucks. I need to get over it.

Then there is the show Bubble Guppies about these humanoid fish -- think the old ads for Sea Monkeys in the late 70s/early 80s, but cuter -- who live an otherwise human life underwater. They go to school, have a puppy as a pet, play sports, dig on monster trucks, go to concerts, etc. But the catch is that they're un-der-wa-ter.

In an episode Nathan and I watched the other day, Bubble Puppy gets stuck on a highwire in a circus and is worried about falling so his owner Gil (ha ha) swings up to save him like any good owner of a half-dog/half-fish would. 



Did I mention that in another episode, Bubble Puppy is afraid to go outside because it's raining? Under the sea??

The brain is hurty.