TBT: Crew...

Yankovic 2...

Okay, with some minor tweaks, here it is... "Part Time POTUS" to be sung to the tune of Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover." Please review the video as you see fit.

Destroy their hope, incite the mobs.
Make them all fear for their own jobs.
Don't want nothing to go wrong for part-time POTUS.

Late night tweeting of random smut.
"Alternative facts" covers my butt.
Spicer cleans up after the part-time POTUS.

I will nominate whomever and then fi-ight,
'Til my cabinet is filled with alt-ri-i-i-ight.
I'll put a hold on all visas and green ca-ards.
Crushing hopes for future citizens to shards.

My boy Bannon to the N-S-C.
His lack of smarts means jack to me.
No intelligence for the part-time POTUS.

I only did this as a joke.
But the other candidates did choke.
I still can't believe I'm your part-time POTUS.