Sometimes I swear that Katie and I are never going to catch up on everything we have recorded on our DVR.

The sad thing is that we're watching less this season than last which was less than the year before that. We keep cutting shows or the networks make the decision for us by nixing them due to ratings.

But we still can't keep up and new shows keep coming out that we want to watch but opt out of because we're unable to keep up with what we are already watching.

What keeps killing us is that we watch shows together at night but, invariably, one of us falls asleep. Then you have that show sitting on the DVR until the sleeper has time again to watch it by him/herself.

I think we just need to have a television come-to-Jesus moment after this season. Nix a bunch of what the networks don't cancel.

And don't bother asking how I'm doing with Daredevil, Stranger Things, and Twin Peaks on Netflix.


I am the exact opposite of the "binge watcher" that Netflix has declared their bread and butter.