I should really be working on my February video. My plan was to finally do that bull riding video but I'm just not feeling it. Not sure I ever will. 

I also can't think of much to type here right now. Until, that is, I was checking out the wallpaper on my phone and got curious about what other people use as wallpapers. 

My lock screen has been a photo of Nathan and Katie for quite some time. 


It's an easy choice as the photo is a nice frame-filling image that doesn't get disrupted by other stuff on screen. I even sought a new copy of it when my cloud back-up of my old iPhone settings failed to transfer the image to my new phone. 

My home screen is a bit more fluid. Sometimes it's photography of landscapes or still lifes. I've regularly used a painting Nathan did a couple years ago. But, more often than not, I've used Star Wars art. 


I currently am enamored by this image of Darth Maul, one of my all-time favorite Star Wars characters. There's enough image to have a little something show everywhere on screen but framed well enough that the most important part of the image isn't covered by the app folders. 

What do you have showing?