Macro Monday 2017.06...
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If there was one silver lining to the travesty that was Atlanta bending over and giving the Super Bowl to New England, it was these beauts!


Katie and I had been planning on having wings for our personal Super Bowl party. Then we were invited to my brother and SiL's house but decided we still needed our wing fix. 

On Sunday morning, I was downstairs with Nathan while Katie was getting some stuff done upstairs. I realized what time it was and that I'd better get started on this. 

I've never made wings before but I know the recipe Katie used so I found it. I followed the recipe to the letter for the hot wings (top in photo) and then adapted it myself for teriyaki (bottom right) and honey BBQ (bottom left).

They all turned out pretty good and all were eaten. A lot of the people at the party don't necessarily care for hot wings and they loved these. Or so they said. I'll take it.

Thank you, Alton Brown, Aldi, and Horsetooth Hot Sauce.