TBT: Red...

Yankovic 1...

So I may have channeled my inner "Weird Al" Yankovic earlier today and rewritten a song. It's pretty funny and I'm quite proud of it. 


I've shared it with two friends and both think it's really funny. One thinks I should share it with everyone. The other thinks it's worth sharing but understands my hesitation. 

Why do I hesitate? It has to do with a certain headline-dominating politician that is doing his level best to anger the whole world. And this song is, well, "dedicated" to him. 

It's not that I'm worried about political or legal backlash. There's no basis and this isn't Nazi Germany. Not yet, anyway. 

I wonder about backlash at work. I also don't think there's real basis but people have been fired for less.

Do I? Don't I? 

Anyone have Weird Al's number?