TBT: DS...


Check it out, folks!

I am halfway through reading my Ulysses S. Grant autobiography! Right on target, too.


Actually, just a hair beyond. The counter skipped straight from 49 to 51% in a single chapter.

In the spirit of full disclosure, though, I feel I must come clean and admit that there has been a lot of, er, glossing over happening as I read. Let's face facts here... he's just too darn detailed! I mean a ridiculous level of detail. And he either has an eidetic memory or he kept copious notes of what went down. Troop movements, tiny little skirmish fights, names of soldiers on both sides of the front, details of the horses he rode (seriously!).

It's just too much and I'm a freaking U.S. Civil War buff. I need to take a break when this is done. From war and from history. There's just no way around it.

I will admit, however, if I was in an accident or involved in some kind of litigation, I want him and his memory on my side in court.