Macro Monday 2017.12...


Before Christmas last year, Katie and I had implemented the good ol' "Why don't you put it on your Christmas list?" method when he wanted something we didn't feel like buying. It actually made him happy to hear that we weren't completely shooting him down and it kept our bank account from revolting against us. And, a vast majority of the time, he'd forget what he wanted anyway so win-win!

The funny thing is that this method has, in a roundabout way, carried over beyond Christmas. When he wants something and we say no, he asks to put it in his Christmas list. So... we do. I actually have a running list of things he wants in the Clear app. It still keeps him happy.

But, even funnier is that I don't think he believed I was actually adding it to his list so he's been asking and then following up by watching me do it and then working with me to add emojis to most of the items to make it cooler.

Here's the list as it currently stands...


Most of these are either LEGO sets or minifigures he's missing that don't come as part of the mystery pack line for LEGO Batman.

Daisy Duck is clearly the oddball here but he does have a set of figurines from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and it came with all of them except Daisy and, well, Nathan is nothing if not thorough. 

The hammer emoji next to Clayface was the best I could do and works a little if you consider that the character has a giant mallot for a hand. Nathan picked the two daggers and gear for the flashlights and I have no idea why. He just started tapping the screen when he saw them. Weirdo. 

Candilicious bubbles. Yeah, that might be dropped from the list. It was a commercial he saw for bubbles that you blow up and then can pop in your mouth and have fruity flavors. He loves bubbles but considering he hates flavored medicine, I don't see him digging on these artificial flavors. 

If you haven't figured it out, kiddo is obsessed with LEGO Batman. Ob. Sessed. Moreso than he was with Trolls last year. 

One last note is that I've tried explaining to Nathan that both Easter and his birthday come before Christmas. He doesn't care. He wants his stuff on a Christmas list only. He's adamant about it.