The other day, I was watching season 1, episode 7 of Stranger Things when a quote from one of the characters caught my attention.

It was uttered by Mike and Nancy's dad, Ted (Joe Chrest), to his wife, Karen (Cara Buono). He was trying to reassure her after something big happened that I won't spoil and he said something to the effect of (paraphrase), "We have to trust them. They're the government. They're here to protect us."

I immediately called "BULLSHIT!" in my head because, let's face it, I don't believe that one iota.

This got me thinking about when I became so cynical about our government. What happened that made me not trust them anymore?

I think I got more involved with the goings-on of our government during the first Gulf War in 1990-91. I turned 16 during the war and I was afraid that it was going to become a drawn-out stalemate much like Vietnam before it.


[photo courtesy of Encyclopaedia Britannica]

Admittedly, I was freaking out that I was going to turn 17 in another year, the war wouldn't be over, and a draft would be instituted.

And the government wouldn't give a damn about me or any other person my age so long as their oil assets were protected.

This fear occasionally kept me up at night.

I didn't want to fight. I had no desire to join the military. I didn't think I had the mental or physical fortitude to survive boot camp let alone a tour of duty in the Persian Gulf. I hate heat.

Even though that "war" ended quickly and quite uneventfully, I have to say that fear was the point where I began to lose my faith in our government.

If you share the some concerns as me regarding government, when was it that you felt your faith begin to erode?