Macro Monday 2017.13...


The other day, Katie picked up something new for me to try out, medium roast coffee K-Cups from Trader Joe's.


The interesting thing about them is that the cup design is totally different.

A little background: 

K-cup sales have boomed since Keurig made the first coffeemaker that used those cups. You can't beat the simplicity and convenience. The problem with this convenience is that landfills are also booming... with used K-cups. 

I've seen some K-cup manufacturers put requests on their product that you peel of the foil, dump the used grounds in the garbage or a composter, wash the cup and foil, and then recycle them. 

Trader Joe's went a step further and severely minimized the amount of plastic used in the cups. Check this out:


While I appreciate the environmental emphasis of this action, I have two concerns:

1. With this new open design, you cannot store the cups in a rack or shelving unit because they will make your house smell of coffee. Or maybe you dig on that. 

2. With the melding of the plastic to the built-in filter, I would think this affects the recyclability of the cup. Sure, it has a 5 on the bottom, but is it truly recyclable? And it's not easy to open to empty the grounds. There's a plastic seal that is practically impossible to peel off the cup.

I do still like this design and effort on TJ's part and the coffee is good. So, bravo.