Macro Monday 2017.11...

Star Wars...

Not that it has truly bothered me, but Nathan, thus far, has shown zero interest in Star Wars. It's cool, really. It took him a while to develop the will to sit still for a whole movie. Given the choice between sitting down for a movie and running around and actively playing? I'll take activity any day. 

Back on point, though. 

IMG_5207Today we've been introducing Nathan to some new stuff to watch. As I type this, we're finally watching Big Hero 6. But earlier, because I know he's loving on LEGO Batman movies, I thought I'd try LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace. It's a short from a handful of years ago about a young kid who gets caught up in the beginning of the events of The Phantom Menace

After it was done, I asked Nathan if he liked it, he excitedly replied, "Yes!" And I threw my fist in the sky. 

Maybe I'll be able to hang these up yet.





Yeah, these lithographs came with my Rogue One pre-order.