Video: Toys...


Two weeks ago, it was a TBT post about my Nintendo DS. Now, following that as well as two similar posts from Marty (Post 1 | Post 2), I'm going to post another Throwback Thursday: Video Game Edition featuring my Game Boy Color!


In the spirit of full disclosure, this is not my original GBC (it was blue). I had gotten rid of that years ago when I got my DS because, at the time, I had no need for two portable game systems even if they did have completely separate libraries of games and there was little to no compatibility of GBC games to DS. It just made no sense to me. Stupid me.

The reason I got another system was because I had credit at a video game trade-in store that was going out of business and I needed to find something quick or lose my credit. Also, at that same time, I was really getting into chiptune music, the sound effects to which was created using a hacked GameBoy cartridge that would allow you to select 8-bit video game sounds and play them at will like a keyboard. I really wanted to make some of that music like the band I Fight Dragons, but then I discovered how expensive the hacked cartridges were. Meh. I still kept the GBC, though.


At this time, I only have three games: Bases Loaded, Marble Madness (image above), and Motocross Maniacs 2.


Back in the day, though, my brother and I had a couple dozen that were shared between our old gray Game Boys (before it was rebranded as Game Boy Classic, because, yanno, it was the only Game Boy). We often linked up to play against each other as well. Game Boy was the greatest thing to happen to kids in the 80s. I'd argue even better than the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console.

I wonder if my brother has any of our Game Boy cartridges lying around. He did, after all, just hook back up his Sega Genesis and Sega CD. Who knows what he has.