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Tu(n)esday: New...

When I originally started Tu(n)esday posts five-odd years ago, I did so because Tuesday was the new music release day in the U.S. That changed a year or so ago to Friday to keep it more in line with much of the rest of the music-loving world. 

But this change is very inconvenient to me and I demand it be changed back as there is no way I'm moving my blog post to Friday! You try coming up with a clever name for a music day that involves the word "Friday" as seamlessly as Tuesday --> Tu(n)esday. You can't, can you? Nope. Didn't think so. 

I digress. 

Last Friday, I got my new music release email from Spotify. Clearly it was a busy Friday. Here are the highlights:


Depeche Mode - Spirit (album)

Admittedly, I've only listened to the first few tracks but I'm underwhelmed. Much like I have been with every album since 2005's Playing the Angel, an album of which I often feel like I'm the lone lover. But I'm still going to give it a fair shake. Just gotta find time. It is Depeche Mode after all. 


Linkin Park - "Battle Symphony" (single)

I love Linkin Park. Always have. They are my go-to when I had a frustrating day at work and need to rock out in the car on my way home. I even have a playlist of their tracks to make it easier on me. Sadly, this track will not make the cut for that playlist. Way too sedate for my liking. Not nearly enough of a showpiece for Chester Bennington. I'll give it more tries, sure, but I hope the rest of the album makes up for it when it drops. 


Cold War Kids - "So Tied Up" (single)

I first tried to get into Cold War Kids several years ago due to the rave reviews I read online for their Loyalty to Loyalty album in 2008. But I couldn't get into it. fast forward a bunch of years to 2014's Hold My Home and my tube changed entirely. Fan-freaking-tastic album. And this new track is no less awesome. Very tinged with Fitz and the Tantrum-esque melodies. This will go on heavy rotation until the associated album is released. 

So, to recap, one underwhelming new album (so far), one underwhelming new track, and one sinfully awesome new track. 

Cold War Kids win.